The Difference

Changing brokers or consultants is not always pleasant. Change is scary. You may like them. They may be a friend. You have an investment in the relationship. We get it. And if all these factors are in play and you are getting the best available guidance and consultation, you should sit tight and enjoy the ride. But if your business judgment has been impacted by the fact that you like your broker and aren’t getting the results for the organization, at some point you have to make a business decision about what is best for your organization and your employees. Take a hard look at what is happening now in your company. Do you really know with certainty that you are doing the best you can to control costs and improve employee satisfaction? Are you absolutely sure that you have explored every viable measure available? Are you tired of listening to your employees complain and moan about the incessant cost shifting you are forced to deal out every year at open enrollment? You might be interested to know that in 95% of our first meetings with prospective clients, most of them articulate they have never heard of many of the resources and tools we use to improve plan performance. While the common perception is that brokers and consultants are pretty much all the same, we think you will see very quickly that we aren’t cut from the same cloth. We think differently. We advise differently. And, quite frankly, we get better results for our clientele.

We will invest time with you to listen to your objectives. Our tenured experience in the industry has served our clients well. We have been through the school of hard knocks. We know what works and what doesn’t.

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