Survey results confirm that employees value a lean plan that is well communicated over a rich plan that is poorly communicated.   We provide a range of robust employee communication tools.

Employee Communications

Employee E-newsletters

Our quarterly multimedia newsletters cater to the fact that your employee population likes to digest information in different ways. Some like reading, others like videos or podcasts. If we expand the channels in which we communicate, we stand a better chance of getting your targeted messages to take hold.
  • Sample Newsletter
  • Sample Video

Benefit Websites

Sample Benefits Website Employee benefits portals are a great way to communicate with your employees. They enable you to efficiently exchange information with each other. They position you as a progressive organization. And survey results show that employee satisfaction and retention are improved with organizations that use this technology.
“Portals allow HR to focus more on strategic initiatives and less on routine administrative activities, such as fielding questions about benefits and completing forms.” - Michael Rudnick, Watson Wyatt Study

If you have employees in remote locations, your employees will stay connected more easily. They will get important company news, policies and procedures more efficiently. Employees can even view their pay, benefits and personal information securely, not to mention corporate directories, document search, alerts and notifications.

“For employers, use of the web has proven to be a windfall when properly done. It is a great solution to many communication needs, but a significant number of employers are missing the boat. Many still use paper for many transactions…” - Richard D. Quinn , 21st Century Communications

If you elect to make your site self-service, your employees will be able to enroll for benefits electronically. We can offer complete connectivity with your insurance carriers. This frees up valuable HR staff time that could be better directed elsewhere on more important tasks.

Employee Surveys

We offer online and paper employee surveys to help you gauge employee sentiment in a variety of areas such as employee benefits, culture, diversity, ethics, health and safety and productivity. Sample Employee Satisfaction Survey

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