Cost Containment

The real value of the benefits broker or consultant manifests itself in their ability to bring innovation to the client relationship.  Using the same old, tired strategies over and over produces marginal results.

Cost Containment Tools

Let’s face it. Most of your employee benefit costs are in your group medical claims. You need cutting edge strategies in order to reign in those costs. That’s where we can help. Our proprietary cost containment toolkit contains loads of ideas. Here’s just a few:

  • Advanced wellness program schemes
  • Creative employee engagement strategies
  • Medical claim interception services
  • Pharmacy spend conversion strategies
  • Advanced data mining tools to target primary cost drivers
  • Redirection of high cost procedures
  • Advanced employee communication strategies

Employer groups that engage the majority of Cambria’s cost containment strategies can expect significant reductions in medical spend. It’s possible to nearly eliminate the effects of medical trend if you design your programs correctly.

We encourage you to evaluate our strategies to see if they can make a difference for your organization.