Through our strategic partnerships, we provide advanced resources to help your employees and their families make better decisions regarding the medical providers they select and the prices they pay.

Medical Advocacy

The world of medical service consumption has never resembled the way we purchase other products and services in our society. When we purchase a car, refrigerator or other big ticket item, we normally research the ones we are interested in, compare price and quality, then make an informed decision. These elements have been missing when it comes to buying medical services.

There are several reasons why those dynamics are missing. For many years, we have led employees and their families to believe that the cost of medical services is somehow tied to their co-payments, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs.  They really haven’t understood the true cost of care. Until recently, the prices that medical providers charge has been largely “cloaked” causing a lack of transparency for the patient. On top of that, an employee might have the ability to use 35 different surgeons for a particular operation and has no idea which ones charge the least or the most. Finally, employees have not been able to access medical provider outcome data to determine which providers are producing the best results.  This information is difficult to obtain and in most cases the patient only acquires a limit amount of data on a small set of provider options.  They can’t see outcome results on an entire community of provider options and this leads to weak decision making.

When we empower your employees and their families with this information, we can begin to see measurable results immediately. If your employees know that having surgery performed by Dr. Snyder at Bay Pines Hospital will likely produce the best outcome for them and they also know that this combination (of physician and facility) will result in lower costs, then we have helped them connect the dots to make a great decision.

Employee Benefits Medical Advocacy

Would your employee have been able to come to this conclusion on their own? Probably not, unless they were really lucky. The medical outcome scorecards we use look at a variety of metrics to give us an historical view of that providers actual outcomes. Those metrics have been scrutinized by a variety of experts and few of them disagree with our methodology. And very few of them can recommend improvements to the process.

How does all of this impact you as the employer? If your employees begin accessing the best doctors and hospitals at the best prices, then you can expect a favorable impact to your loss ratio. Rate increases become minimized. At the very least, your financial results will be better than if you had done nothing at all.

If these resources are not available to your employee population, they will make mistakes. They will use sub-par facilities and doctors in many cases. Their medical outcomes will suffer. Your bank account will suffer. It’s time to connect the dots. Get your people to the best providers at the best prices. Everyone wins.

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