Let’s face it.  There are tools, resources and strategies galore in the benefits business.  Without a disciplined approach to strategic planning, many ideas never see the light of day.  Sound familiar?

“A man who does not plan long ahead will find trouble at his door.”

- Confucius, Chinese philosopher

Strategic Planning

Many employers find themselves progressing through the plan year with little direction or focus on the employee benefit programs they sponsor. It’s no wonder. They end up rushing around frantically at renewal time making last minute decisions. For many organizations, 90% of the effort gets expended in the latter days leading up to the renewal date.  This produces fragmented, disjointed results. This behavior then repeats itself year after year and we end up with a benefits plan that may not really be performing the way it should be.

We advocate a more disciplined approach when it comes to managing your benefits plan. If you are working with a benefits broker or consultant, a lot can get talked about, especially on the initial engagement. There are tools, resources and strategies galore in the benefits business. But, if you don’t have a civilized, organized, disciplined approach to coordinating all of the competing ideas, it can water down your effectiveness.  You end up doing things at the wrong time. Great ideas and strategies never see the light of day.

At Cambria, we use a unique strategic planning tool to help guide the discussion. This tool helps us stay focused on the challenges and opportunities your organization is facing. It helps us guide you through each component of your benefits program, helping you make informed decisions on the variety of initiatives discussed. We discuss culture, health care cost containment, employee satisfaction and communications, HR challenges, administration, compliance and so forth. We will expose you to our very best ideas, strategies and techniques to help you create a winning strategy for your benefits plan. We help you identify the initiatives you feel will best meet your organizational goals. Everything gets calendared and responsible parties are assigned. You will be provided with a Formal Plan that captures all decisions. You probably have formal plans in place for other areas of your business….revenue forecasting, expense control, IT budgets and the like. With all the company resources you deploy managing and paying for benefits, doesn’t it make sense to have a formal plan in place for your employee benefits program?

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